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About HNA


A top-notch, experienced nationwide healthcare network solution that drives more patients and provides state-of-the-art resources to your medical practice through HNA's ever-growing provider network.  HNA is your partner in managing and promoting your successful practice. 


Healthcare Networks of America's philosophy is simple....We provide a strong network and responsive customer service resulting in a win-win experience for our clients, for our providers, and for us.

HNA is able to achieve this goal because:
1. We contract directly with providers we know and trust.
2. We partner with our providers resulting in discounts that we pass along to you.
3. We ensure that our coverage is balanced across geographic areas nationwide.
4. We are dedicated and available to assist and answer questions for our clients in a friendly and efficient manner.


HNA is owned by physicians and operates from the providers’ point of view, to serve the needs of physicians in an ever changing healthcare marketplace. HNA offers its providers a range of value-added programs and services designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of the practice.


For 20+ years, HNA has been committed to our mission of improving the success of the communities we serve. We are able to accomplish this by providing:

  1. Patient contracts with over 4,600 PPOs, insurance carriers, self-funded health plans, medical discount cards, union plans, and other health plan payers.
  2. High reimbursement, fee-for-service contracts negotiated on your behalf (70-85% of billed charges).
  3. Provider web directory listing for patients, doctors, and payers to find you with ease.
  4. Continued efforts on behalf of our staff to locate and secure additional high-paying patient contracts.
  5. A point of contact, located in our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, to help you navigate the healthcare system and optimize your points of contact for payers.

Healthcare Networks of America is more than your ordinary provider network. Your success, helps our success. We want to keep you ahead of the changes in the healthcare world and help make your practice successful!