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Frequently Asked Questions - HNA General

HNA General

Click on any one of the questions below to see the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Please email with the providers name and federal tax ID number.

To become an HNA preferred provider, click here >>> to download the enrollment form, or complete one on-line and submit to HNA via fax or mail.

Patients sent to you from HNA contracts are not identified as “HNA” on the patient ID card. Unless otherwise noted, the patient ID card will identify the insurance carrier or PPO to which HNA has contracted and listed you as a preferred provider. Please refer to the Health Plan List for the names of payers you have access to as a result of HNA’s contracting efforts.

Since 1993, Healthcare Networks of America has leveraged it's 20,000 doctors to obtain higher reimbursements from insurance payers and developed ways to increase revenues for medical practices. As part of the HNA Network, you will receive the benefit of:

  • Contracts with over 4,600+ PPOs, insurance carriers, self-insured employers, medical discount cards, and other health plan payers
  • High reimbursement, fee-for-service contracts negotiated on your behalf
  • A point-of-contact to deal with billing and other issues
  • Updates on current contracts and any new contracts that we negotiate for you
  • We keep your credentialing up-to-date with our payers and comply with the payer credentialing procedure

HNA has an annual credentialing fee to cover the cost of administration. We do not take a percentage of the reimbursement rate, and if you are not accepted your fee will be returned to you.

HNA is a national Provider Network. HNA is not an insurance company and does not process claims.

Each patient contract has their own fee schedule. Click Here >>> to download the Health Plan List/Fee Schedule and look at the fee schedule portion under each contract header.

Not an HNA Member?  Contact the Provider Relations Department at 877-315-3338 to have this information mailed to you.

For a contract list, please download a Health Plan List/Fee Schedule or contact Provider Relations at 877-315-3338.

All claims must be forwarded directly to the payer and address indicated on the patient ID card. Sending claims to HNA will delay the reimbursement process.

Healthcare Networks of America is a professional network that works on behalf of its providers to attain maximum reimbursements, and contracted fees for services.  Funds received from joining and renewing with Healthcare Networks of America are used to verify your licensure and scale the network taking into account its providers needs and time constraints.

HNA negotiates patient contracts on behalf of our network providers. We have the clout of over 20,000 providers to help facilitate a higher reimbursement rate for our doctors (70-85% of billed chargers). Joining HNA is another way to drive higher paying PPO and discount product patients into your practice. HNA gives you access to 4,600+ payers by credentialing with one company. We do your insurance credentialing for you.