Is Physician Autonomy a thing of the past?
Is Private Practice Medicine dead?

The answer is a resounding “NO”. Now is the time for doctors to take back control of their professional lives. Reimbursements are changing dramatically. HNA guides doctors to the most lucrative contracts and reimbursement available in healthcare.

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Access the Most Lucrative Fee-for-Service Contracts in Healthcare

HNA providers receive 70-85% of billed charges, the highest reimbursement rates available. HNA performs all credentialing and contracting for you in an easy, simplified process. Earn what you deserve.

Serve The Employees of America’s Largest Companies

The highest paying contracts are in the large employer market. HNA contracts serve over 4,500 payors and 22 million patients nationwide.

Position Your Practice for Lucrative Risk-Sharing Opportunities

The future of physician compensation is value-based care. Those providers who master the ability to use data and tools to improve the outcomes of their patient populations will prosper. HNA provides the expertise to equip your practice and negotiate lucrative value-based contracts.

Who we are

We are a national provider network dedicated to the preservation of private practice medicine. HNA represents doctors in negotiating the highest reimbursement contracts in the industry. The mission of Healthcare Networks of America (HNA) is the restoration of physician autonomy and financial prosperity. We seek to equip physicians to prosper in the new healthcare system as patient care shifts from the hospital into the physician’s office.

22 Million

We have patient contracts with over 4,600 health plan payers and service over 30 million employees and their families.

27 Years

We’ve been serving doctors for over 27 years. We want to keep you ahead of the curve and help your practice thrive!

Join thousands of physicians thriving in the future of healthcare