How will you survive the post COVID-19 world?

The survival of private practice medicine is once again at risk. Join thousands of physicians who service Large Employer Health Plans and re-launch your practice to prosper again!

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The Highest Reimbursement Rates

Large Employer Health Plans are the highest paying health plans in America with the smallest out-of-pocket for you to collect. HNA providers receive 70-85% of billed charges. Earn what you deserve.

Access Large Employer Health Plans

HNA gives you access to thousands of Large Employer Health Plans, over 22 million employees, almost 1/3 of America’s workforce. That means quality patients to your practice.

Simplified Credentialing

We’ve streamlined the enrollment process so that you can expedite becoming a Preferred Provider to over 22 million employees and executives.

Who we are

We are a national provider network dedicated to the preservation of private practice medicine. HNA represents doctors in negotiating the highest reimbursement contracts in the industry, focusing on large employer group health plans. HNA is your partner in managing and promoting the success of your practice.

22 Million

We have patient contracts with over 4,600 health plan payers and service over 30 million employees and their families.

27 Years

We’ve been serving doctors for over 27 years. We want to keep you ahead of the curve and help your practice thrive!

Join thousands of physicians thriving in the future of healthcare